Best practices for startups — a list by topic

Asking questions and listening

Churn and retention

Company culture

Compensation and options

Customer development and feedback



Focus vs. distractions

Founders and CEOs

Free, freemium and premium

Fundraising and pitching to VCs

Getting a job

Goals and metrics


Job interviews

Job To Be Done — a product framework

Managing people

Marketing, PR and Persuasion

Meetings and introductions


My Presentations


Partnerships and bus dev

Performance Reviews

Platforms and marketplaces


Product-market fit

Product insights and trends

Product management and growth hacking

Promoting people

Public speaking and presentations

Reference checks

SaaS and subscription businesses



Thank you’s

The business of content


VCs and Boards

Work skills and lifehacks

Work-life balance

8 thoughts on “Best practices for startups — a list by topic

  1. Hi David, Thanks for compiling this menagerie of business acumen. I love that you challenge me to think, question, and rethink. All leaders read and you seem to be voracious. Keep up the good work. Mitch

    • My pleasure, Mitch! I hope it’s useful; the goal is to provide maximum value in the shortest possible time required, with a link to the full article for people who want to dig deeper.

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